About Golf Frontier

The idea for Golf Frontier was originally conceived back in late 2007 as a place that golfer's could visit to record and track their scores, and to keep up with their golfing buddies around the world. The initial site was rolled out to the public in July of 2008. since that time, the user base has steadily grown and several new features have been added to the site. Currently over 40,000 registered members use Golf Frontier's comprehensive scoring and staistics tracking tools to maintain their scores online. Golf Frontier is based in Westminster, Colorado.

I want to compliment you guys on doing such a great job. I love Golf Frontier! The website is comprehensive and easy to use. My husband and I are full-time RVers, so we don't have a "home" course and that means we have no way to keep a USGA handicap. Your website let's us track our play and maintain a handicap that we can use for competing with each other and for use in the casual tournaments we might play in.
- Dolly